Marketing Automation

On average, we save businesses 135 hours per year using Marketing Automation

We run multiple workflows for businesses saving them a significant amount of time.
Businesses can thus focus on increasing sales by closing qualified leads.

How The Marketing Automation Works

Marketing automation involves the use of software to automate repetitive tasks related to marketing activities. This is achieved by connecting and optimizing different parts of the entire marketing funnel, which allows us to collect and label every lead as they come into your business.

Workflow Creation

We can create any type of workflow that suits your requirements.

We assist businesses with their onboarding workflow and help with converting leads to qualified leads.

Here is an example of a workflow we’ve done for a business:

Marketing Automation
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Learn How We Have Helped HashChing Generate More Leads Using Workflows

VigderMedia has helped ezyCollect automate our marketing funnel by converting soft leads to sales qualified leads via our HubSpot CRM. This has saved our sales team hours of work.


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