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So today I’m going to talk to you about how I helped Capital Pitch to grow their traffic and then how did I convert their traffic into customers. So I’m Pablo Bizzini, My accent is French, I was born in Paris and I came here three years ago, when I did business analysis, and then I worked at a call center for Capital Pitch where I grew their database from 1,000 to 50,000 people, of entrepreneurs and sophisticated investors. Then I specialize in SU and I grew their organic traffic, also in conversion optimization and authentic pages too.

How To Hit #1 On Google

So the first thing I’m going to talk to you about is, how I grow more traffic and if you have a website, how to get your page out there, they key that you want to rank for on the first page of Google. So I’m going to … Have you heard of Jon Morrow? Anyone? No? So he’s like a famous blogger actually that’s got lots of traction from his blog. And he’s talking about blogging is not anymore … It’s not about publishing anything, it’s publishing smart. So how do you publish smart?

Growth hacking tips


So we start first with the keywords, so in the keywords what I usually do is I already start with the volume. So most simple but many people don’t think about is just seeing that people searches keywords but actually you have to research it. You have to make sure that people are searching for the keywords you want to write for. So the first thing is you want to look at the volume of the keyword that people search, and that’s the really most important thing when you write an article, you want to make sure that they keyword you search for, you write for, have people search for it.

And the second thing is the competition, because you can think that this keyword, oh 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 people search for it, but actually if the competition is high, you have no chance, at the beginning at least, to rank first for it. So have a look at this tool metrics like high volume, low competition. Then what you do from there is you find your seed keyword basically. When you’re happy with the volume, and when you’re happy with the competition which is from zero to one, so under 0.5 or something, this is good enough, you can start.

So what do you do from there? You have your keyword, then you’re going to search for the long term matching keyword. So here for example I choose angel investors. So from angel investor I just search for the keyword that I’m matching all this angel investor and then for example we find like, what is an angel investors, angel investors Australia, and all this keywords, so then I get more ideas for the seed keyword. And what do I do from there? So I’m going to give you just two free tools that you can use to be able to search your seed keyword and then your longtail keywords.

The first one is keyword tool that I use. So with this you’re able to search for the keyword volume, and find your seed keywords, and you’ll be able to have a look and make sure that before writing an article people are searching for your keyword. And then once you’ve got that Answerthepublic.com … So basically this will give you good ideas on what people are asking about your product, so where to I find angel investor, which angel investor is the most powerful in the US. All these question, they will tell you what people are searching for.┬áThen if you have a bit of budget, I really recommend SEMrush which is a great tool and that does everything plus tracking, which is very useful. You’ll see what…

The Pillar Page

So, The Pillar Page. How many people have heard of The Pillar Page before? No? So basically what’s The Pillar Page is the page that … It’s a webpage that’s going to rank on your website. So here’s the one for angel investor that I’ve created. So it’s a page that has all the information about everything on your seed keyword, and so on, it’s like 2,000 words with call to action, and that’s the one that’s going to rank for. This is also link to all the other longtail blogs, so you’re going to have one Pillar Page with angel investors and then that’s going to link to all the other blogs, so basically have one page and then all the other blogs that are linking at the bottom to your Pillar page, to give more credibility.

On Page Optimisation

Then what you have to do once you have set that up is click On Page Optimization, so I just give you a few things that you need to make sure, is the title, content and keywords, H1 & H2 as well, the title inside the blog content and keywords. So The Pillar Page I recommend to go for 2,000 words, which works the best, and the blogs, no need to write as much, like 900 words is fine. Make sure that you got the keywords with the description, got that keyword. Your image, when you put your image, make sure that you rename it with the keyword inside. It’s very easy, but it change everything. And then the speed, you want to make sure that when people load your website that the first one second they have at least content to see, otherwise most of them will bounce.


So, backlinks, the first thing to get backlinks once you’ve done the On Page Optimization, you want young people to get backlinks to your Pillar Page. So how do you do that? You start with your partner and friends, that’s the most easiest thing. You can just get your friend that has another website or blog, to write a guest blog post for them, and then they will get your backlinks. If you don’t have friends or partners, you can go to sourcebottle.com, it’s an Australian website that has a journalist and bloggers, and they’re looking for people that write for them. So you can be their source and get your backlinks from there.

Otherwise, check Dead Links, so you can go Google and there is a [inaudible 00:06:32] search directory, and you can search for specific websites like edu or .org, and then you use this thing called Check My Links, which is a Chrome Extensions. That’s going to tell you which, link is right or which, link is going to a false fall page. And with this you just go to your site and you’ll be able to find multiple website that have dead links. You can just contact them and say, hey I have a blog that’s relevant, this link is not any more working, here’s my blog, would you mind linking back to my site? Most of them won’t answer, but 10% will, and that’s how you get backlinks. And that’s how we got the backlinks from Wikipedia, on the Venture Capital.

So the last thing is a Buzz Bundle, which is actually a social media tools, but I use it to get more ideas to get backlinks, so how do you do it? It’s a thing that you download, you just input your keywords and then they’re going to scroll the web and find other websites that are related to your keywords. And from there you just make a list and contact these people and say, hey I have a blog or idea for guest blog post, and I’d like to be featured on your blog, and most of them actually will be happy because, like a 900 word blog post for them writing, free content for them and free backlinks for you. So use this.

One thing you want to make sure when you have backlinks is domain authority. So domain authority basically is how strong the website it on Google and how Google rank this website, so the higher the better. And you want to make sure that the backlinks that you get are high domain authority. So for this you can just go to Moz and they have a domain authority check. You can put the website before asking them for the backlinks, to make sure that they are good, and then check their domain authority, if it’s good then you can ask them.

So the last thing, so now we can not guess anymore, we have to know. And how can you report on your tracking? So you need to track everything, like you need to track your ranking, you need to track how good it were, how many customers you get from organic, how many visit, how many contacts, and you need to track everything, because you want to be able to report at the end and make sure that this has been an improvement. So here we can see that improvements have been made, and you want to make sure that you track this organic traffic and track how many people are coming to your page. And eventually at the end you’ll be on the first page of Google. So, that’s how you get there.

Pablo Bizzini

Pablo Bizzini

Partner & Head of Growth @VigderMedia

Top Growth Hacking Techniques For Organic Traffic

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