Learn the best Growth Hacking Tips For Instagram – from how to grow your Instagram audience fast and how to convert your followers into customers. In this blog we’ll share:

  • How To Use Your Competitors’ Data To Gain More Followers
  • How To Research & Leverage Hashtags
  • How To Use Direct Messaging To Convert Your Followers Into Leads
  • How To Grow Your Instagram Following With A Competition
  • Start Using The New Feature Post Scheduling That Will Save You Hours

Use Your Competitors’ Data

You’re starting an Instagram account and are looking to gain new followers? Start with your competitors, look for them on Instagram, create a list of 50 of them in a  spreadsheet and start following their audience, liking & commenting on their audience’s photos.

Make sure that you keep record of how many people you follow per competitors, so that you can measure the conversion rate from following a competitor’s account to new followers to your account. If you see that an audience is responding well to this strategy it is also good to advertise to these people through Facebook ads.

PS: If you don’t want to do it manually talk to us we have created a tool that does all this for you.

Hashtag Research

hashtags growth hacking instagramIncluding hashtags in your posts is very important. This will leverage the visibility of your post and can help you get in front of a targeted audience. My advice is when you’re doing the competitor research, have a look at the hashtags they are using and add them to a list.

Utilising this list, search for those hashtags in Instagram and see how many posts are using this hashtag. The more posts the better, however you want to keep it specific to your audience.

Direct Messaging Your FollowersGrowth Hacking instagram Direct Message

You receive new followers everyday but can’t convert them into subscribers / customers? Use the direct message feature of Instagram that allows you to DM every follower you have. Follow these simple rules:

  • Keep it Short.
  • Include a link to your landing page.
  • Make sure the share image & text looks good on mobile.
  • Don’t be spammy.
  • Personalise your message (using their name or username).
  • Use a UTM link to track the source of new contacts into your CRM.

Here is an example of DM that we sent for one of our clients generating 24% of conversion from DM to Leads.

Instagram Competition

Growth Hacking Instagram ConstestYou can easily grow your Instagram following with competitions! I suggest offering a good prize, for example if you have an eCommerce website a $100 – $500 voucher. Think about having multiple winners because people will be more likely to participate & share it.

There is a great tool that we are using for our clients to create Instagram giveaways and it’s very easy to use: Gleam.

Post Scheduling

You can now schedule your posts on Instagram and publish at the best time to increase follower engagement. This feature was released by Facebook a few weeks ago and makes it very easy for you to post at the best time. You can now easily schedule your pictures and videos and in the near future you’ll also be able to schedule your stories.

There are multiple platforms that offer the possibility to schedule your posts, my favourites are HubSpot or Buffer.

Best Growth Hacking Tips For Instagram

In Summary

If you’d like some help with your Instagram or social media we are a growth hacking agency specialising in social media. We have created multiple bots for social media that can help you acquire real followers and convert them into customers without having to do anything manually. This will allow you to scale faster.

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Best Growth Hacking Tips For Instagram

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