Learn The Growth Hack Examples On Landing Pages From a Conversion Optimisation Rate Expert And Growth Hacker. From What To Build To How Optimising It For The Right Users.

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But now you have traffic. How are you going to convert this traffic into leads and customer? So start with putting some call to action on your blog and make sure that people are converting or seeing your call to action. And you can do this with Thrive Leads, that’s actually a very good tool, you can basically put call to action on all your blog at once, and it takes like maybe ten minutes to do it, and you can even AB test them. But then you want to make sure that you help people to solve their problem, because it’s not just putting a call to action on the blog that’s going to help the visitors, so how do you do that. How many people have heard of Smart Content? One, two?

Smart Content

So Smart Content basically is having optimized content for people on the site, according to who they are. So for example if someone comes from Facebook, LinkedIn, they’re coming from organic traffic, then you’re going to have different content. For example if they are leads or if they are customer then you’re going to offer them different content. So, that’s what Smart Content is. So for example, I’ll give you an example we did for Referral Source. So we had this meetup group that … So we had this page with the meetup group on the title, and we just changed the title to LinkedIn Group for people coming from LinkedIn. And just with this little trick we got like 79.3% conversion rate on the page, with cold traffic, that were never here before.

And another example for Lifecycle, so we had this blog with for normal visitors that we don’t know anything about, we’re going to have Download the Pitch Deck, which is our main with over like 6,000 something like that downloaded. And for entrepreneurs and leads that we know they’re entrepreneurs, we know they have downloaded already, they may have already downloaded the Pitch Deck, there is no point showing them again Download the Pitch Deck because they’re not going to do it. So what do you do? You optimize your call to action that’s going to automatically once you apply for funding. So that’s something that you can do, which is more relevant for the visitor.

WordPress growth hacking

And the last thing is Device Type, so you want to really optimize for mobile. I’m going to give you like four tips to … Three tips to optimize your site for mobile, so the first thing you want to reduce the number of fields on mobile, because people do not have time, they are lazy, and especially on mobile they are less likely to fill out your form. So you want to reduce the number of fields, if you can obviously, for mobile user. Then you want to make sure that the pop up appear very quickly, easily for people that can see your pop up.

And the last thing is designed for fat fingers, not everyone has small fingers and it’s not very easy for people to write an email address on a mobile, and I’m going to show you how you can change that. So how many people have come to website and there is for their email address with this keyboard? Yeah, a few? What you can do, you can actually change the input on the mobile fields, so you can create with this tool that’s mobile input types, takes five minute, and you can actually change the input on the mobile. And it makes it much easier for people to write an email address. So keep that in mind.

And the last thing with Smart Content, it’s very simple if you have people from the US or Australia, you can just include their country inside the text, that will improve as well the conversion.

So that was it, thanks very much, thanks everyone.

Pablo Bizzini

Pablo Bizzini

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Growth Hack Examples On Landing Pages

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