What we do:

VigderMedia was founded in early 2017. Based in Sydney, we have clients both domestically and internationally, including the NSW Government and KPMG HGV.

Our methods are driven by data, precise awareness of our client’s target market, and constant marketing optimisation. We adapt to changing technologies, take advantage of automation, and put innovative content at the forefront of what we do.

Work With Us


We are an end-to-end digital growth agency built to drive business growth outcomes.

  • Marketing Funnel
    Design, develop and implement a customised marketing funnel to ensure long term growth and ROI.
  • Data Driven
    Analyse every visitors touch point in order to increase conversion by using your customer data.
  • Lead Generation
    Develop outside the box strategies and a lead generation machine, keeping you ahead of your competitors.
  • Automation
    Automate every step of the marketing funnel in order to scale your business, and reach the next level.

Management Team

Tamir Vigder


Pablo Bizzini

Partner/Head of Growth

Graham Wolf


Catarina Campos

Catarina Campos

Graphic Designer

Anson Cheung

Anson Cheung

Lead Generation Manager


mark rowland

Mark Rowland


As well as scouring the world and assembling the ROCeteer Team (Avengers style) Mark has spent his life studying, researching & enabling change in EcoSystems (Corporations, Communities, Accelerators) and his education in Meta Coaching is what led to the ROCeteer modality of Coaching, Mentoring, Training & Consulting so a very strong combination to serve your needs with a Creative, Innovation & Ideation backbone across the ROCeteer team. He is also a 4 time multinational CEO who has worked with several of the world's leading brands to successfully implement new brand & strategy rollouts on a global scale. Ran the Las Vegas Downtown Community Project, a huge community mindset shift & enablement which you can find an e-book about on the site or just book some time with Mark to discuss your EcoSystem and how we can assist.

Robert Lederer


RTL Group Investments Pty Ltd is a Private Investment Company based in Sydney, Australia. Investments include listed and unlisted securities, hedge funds, private equity, venture capital and asset-backed lending.